Meet Coach Caroline

Hi. I'm Caroline.


It used to be all about physique for me...


And while I do love a good gym selfie and getting lean for a photo shoot once in a while, I’ve learned the hard way that creating a healthy, fit lifestyle - that doesn’t suck the fun out of your life - goes way beyond a training program or diet plan.


For years and years I would push myself literally to the point of burnout chasing a new fitness or physique goal. And guess what? It actually did pay off! I achieved every fitness goal I set for myself, culminating in me winning my IFBB Bikini Pro Card. 


But I quickly realized after that accomplishment that being shredded and having abs did NOT make me feel happier or more confident and it sure as hell wasn’t sustainable for me.

I was so intense about my nutrition that it got to the point where I literally cried at a restaurant out on a date with my husband when they were sold out of the meal I had pre-tracked into my food diary. Not my proudest moment, I probably needed some carbs...


But I felt stuck. I didn’t know how to release control of all the fitness and diet rules I had followed for years and I was afraid that if I trusted my body’s hunger signals I’d gain weight and “lose” the body I had worked so hard for.


I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle by living totally in my logical, rule-following, “should” mind and so disconnected from my own body.


It wasn’t until I leaned into manifestation, spirituality, and mindset work that I was able to finally find balance, free myself from self-doubt, and easily maintain a strong, healthy, fit physique - without constantly tracking my food!


If you want to lose a few lbs, any online nutrition coach can help you do that…

But if you want real, sustainable life-long changes, if you want to fully trust your gut (literally) and forever end the “next diet” chase, then you are in EXACTLY the right place :)

my fitness and nutrition journey
Meet Coach Caroline

A little more about me:

  • Certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, and Integrative Health Coach

  • Addicted to trying new things and seeing new places (especially if they’re in the great outdoors)

  • Human Design: Mental Projector

  • Enneagram: 3

  • I will never turn down an old fashioned or a cinnamon roll *cheers

  • Taylor Swift fan girl is probably an understatement

  • I work hard so my rescue mutts can live their best lives :)

And I’m here to help you take back your power in your fitness journey and realize that everything you desire is possible for you. Total freedom in your food choices. Loving being in your skin every time you look in the mirror. Trusting your intuition and your body. 


You are worthy and deserving of this and SO MUCH MORE

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“Working with my body (instead of against it) has brought such a mental relief that I didn't know I needed, along with physical changes.”


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